YouTube Censors Patriot Network

Date: 06-22-2021

The first forensic audit of the 2020 election is now in the final stages in Arizona. While the nation is still waiting on an official report from the audit team, speculation about the results has been rampant across the country. Along the way, there have been several failed attempts by lawyers and Democratic organizations, along with an intimidating letter written by the DOJ to interfere with the investigation. Now the attention on Arizona has ignited a nationwide movement to pressure other state legislatures to conduct forensic audits.

As shenanigans continue to unfold in the 2020 Election Investigation, the Patriot Network on YouTube has taken it upon itself to become the new media. The leaders of this community are gaining millions of views on YouTube to champion the cause of election integrity, giving all states across the nation the security they deserve. 

From Strikes, Bans, and Violation Warnings, the Patriots has been met with opposition every step of the way. Since Tuesday 06/15/2021, a total of six popular YouTube stars have been banned and suspended from the platform for sharing information about election integrity. 

“You can’t say Dominion Voting Machines on YouTube. You have to say the word dominos…you can’t say ballots, you have to say ballets or pizzas,” says YouTube Star and Marine Veteran –  Cann Con.

“You can’t say fraud, you have to say, Frizzle. How embarrassing is that? This is America! I took an oath and went to war for the Constitution to say whatever I want to say…and they will take you down just like that.”

Interestingly enough, there is currently a major censorship lawsuit that brought shocking evidence. Twitter banned engineer and former Massachusetts Senate candidate Dr. Shiva. He had questions of his own so moved forward with this case against both the U.S. government and Twitter.  

In his lawsuit, Dr. Shiva revealed the “Elections Influence Operations Playbook” used by the United States government in conjunction with Twitter. Shiva likens the playbook’s instructions to a CIA operation. “Here’s one key identifying feature of an influence operator, as listed in the manual: “Someone that exposes the corruption of a state official.”

Step 1: Brand the targeted citizen as an influence operator.
Step 2: Once you identify an influence operator, there are different severity levels and action steps on how to monitor them.

Regardless of how hard big-tech and the media tries, they will never be successful in stopping the great awakening. The more they censor political dissidents, the more Patriots are galvanized across this great nation. We will never stop until the whole world is shown the true face of the Democrat party and the totalitarian Cultural Marxist. To better support the election integrity movement, please subscribe to our favorite YouTube Personalities on other platforms at

Author: Jessica Geraghty


BA in Journalism and Political Science at The University of Connecticut.